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This guide will teach you all the tricks and tips you need to know to expertly use OneSearch, the library's primary search engine.

Newspaper Searches

Newspaper articles are not included in search results in OneSearch by default. If you want to find newspaper articles, you will need to do a newspaper-specific search. There are a few ways to access the Newspaper search feature. 

If you are in OneSearch, there is a Newspaper Search link in the menu at the top of the page. This link will take you directly to our Newspaper search box. 

If you've already done a search and would like to see newspaper results for the same search terms, look for the Newspapers search link at the bottom of the list of search results, or in the left-hand sidebar. 

Clicking either of these links will re-do your search in the Newspapers search index and show newspaper results for those terms. 

In the Newspapers search, you can filter by publication date, subject, language, database, or journal title. 


Journal articles are included by default in OneSearch results. But the library also offers a different way to browse journal issues and save titles that you might want to look at again in the future. 

If you click the Journal Search link in the top menu of OneSearch, you'll be taken the BrowZine Library, where you can browse journals by subject or look for a particular journal you're interested in. 

The BrowZine library contains almost all of the journals to which the University Library subscribes. Clicking on any of the subject categories on the left-hand side will show you all of the journals in that subject, and allow you to further narrow down to more specific subject areas. 

To view the issues and articles in a particular journal, click the journal cover image. The volumes and issues that are available are listed in the left-hand side, and the articles published in the selected issues are displayed in the main window. Clicking any article title will take you to the full-text of the article in a database, or will give you an option to request it from another library. You can also export a citation for an article or share it by copying a link, sharing via social media, or emailing it. 

If you create an account, you can save articles by clicking the folder icon. You can also add journals to your Bookshelf, and receive a notification when new issues and articles are published.