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This guide will teach you all the tricks and tips you need to know to expertly use our new OneSearch library search engine.

Welcome to OneSearch Video

OneSearch is the library's main search interface, where you can find almost all the resources the library has to offer. This video will demonstrate some of the key features of OneSearch.

What does OneSearch search?

OneSearch searches across all of the library's resources, including books, media, articles and journals, digital primary sources and special collections, and more. The data in OneSearch comes from multiple different sources, including:

  • article data from databases like JSTOR and Web of Science,
  • data about what we own in the library, and
  • digital collections data from universities and organizations around the world.

All of this data is combined into one search index, so when you perform a search, you're searching for all of these different kinds of materials.

The advanced searching techniques shown in this guide will teach you how to limit your search to find only the specific types of resources you want. It will also introduce you to tools designed to improve your research process, like saving and organizing what you find, downloading formatted citations, and following citation trails to find more relevant articles. Read on to become a OneSearch expert!