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This guide will teach you all the tricks and tips you need to know to expertly use OneSearch, the library's primary search engine.

Saving Citations

If you find items while searching that you want to come back to later, you can save them by clicking the pin icon in the item record. 

If you are not logged into your Library Account, your pinned items will be saved until you close the browser window. If you are logged in, they will be saved until you delete them. 

To access your pinned items, look for the pin icon in the top menu bar, next to the sign in link. This will take you to all of your saved records. 

Pinned items will be highlighted in the search results so you can easily see what you have already saved. 

Organizing Saved Records

You can add Labels to your saved records to help you organize all of the things you find. 


You can use whatever labels will help you keep your citations organized. You may want to label them by topic, or by course number, if you're working on projects for multiple different courses. You can then filter your list of favorites by clicking the Labels filter links on the right. 

Exporting and Sharing Records

You can export your saved records by emailing them, printing them, or texting them. You can also export them in RIS format, which you can then upload into a citation management system like Zotero. 

To export a set of saved records, check the numbered box next to the item or items you want to send. In the top bar, next to the words My Favorites, you will see three small dots. Clicking these dots in the menu will show you all of the export options. 

Deleting Saved Records

If you want to remove any saved records from your list of pinned items, all you have to do is un-pin the record. Find the pin icon and you'll see that it now has a slash mark through it. Clicking a pin with a slash mark through it will remove the pin and take it off of your list of saved items. 

You can un-pin multiple records at once by selecting the numbered boxes, and choosing the un-pin icon from the top menu near the text My Favorites. 

You can also un-pin records from within the search results by clicking the pin icon to remove it.