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Out of the Margins: An Anti-Racism Reading Group

Through a series of faculty-facilitated meetings, we will learn, unlearn, and be inspired to take actions through our discussion of selected readings.

Session Overview

Beyond Stereotypes: Inspired Natives

November 17, 2021 | 5:00pm - 6:30pm

The brilliant "Reservation Dogs" by Sterlin Harjo (Seminole and Muscogee) and Taika Waititi (Māori) demonstrates the importance of inspired Native (not native inspired) creators. This FX comedy series illuminates elements of the Indigenous experience with nuanced humor that resists, twists, and goes beyond traditional Hollywood Stereotypes of Native Americans. It's taken too long to arrive at this moment. In this session of Out of the Margins, we will explore the stereotypes we have internalized (as non-Native and Native participants); we will excavate where they came from through an analysis of mainstream media mis-representation; and we will map out ways we can not only stop stereotyping Indigenous people, but support inspired Natives' voices, creations, and self-representations.


Facilitated by: Dr. Mary Churchill (NAMS) and Dr. Erica Tom (NAMS)                

Selected Readings

Please follow the link(s) below to access the text(s) selected for this session. We look forward to hearing your thoughts during the facilitated conversation.

Supplementary Readings