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Adding the Library to your Canvas Course

Showing Video in Your Online Course

Providing equitable access to streaming video can be more difficult in remote classrooms, but we are here to help!

To connect students to streaming video, find an electronic copy by searching in OneSearch. A step-by-step guide on finding and linking library content in your course is available below.

If you cannot find an electronic copy, there are a number of additional avenues you can pursue. The library and Center for Teaching and Educational Technology provided a information session detailing possible methods on October 22, 2020.

Some recommended pathways include:

  • Checking openly available resources,
  • Contact your subject librarian to request the library acquire a streaming copy,
  • Including a stream in your course fees

Add video!

The Library subscribes to a wide library of streaming videos.

These films include documentaries, ethnographic films, newsreels, interviews, music and dance performances, counseling sessions, and more. You can embed the entire film on your page, or just provide a link, or a clip.

Most include transcripts, timestamps and other means of zooming in on the needed content. Look for "Streaming Media" as a location when you search the Library's catalog, look at "Video" on the Subject database list, or search the individual services, e.g.:

How to add video to your Canvas site

How to add streaming video to your Canvas site:

Screen shot from Academic Video Onlin

  1. Find your video. If you already know the video you would like to show, search for the video using advanced search in the library's catalog. To browse videos, explore the library's media databases.
  2. Get a sharable link to your video. Each service works a little differently. Some databases will have an embed code, while other databases will provide a permalink. The image on the right shows how you can share videos from Academic Video Online, one of the Library's most popular video databases.

  3. Link to a film on your Canvas site by simply adding a link to the video, or

  4. Embed the film by choosing the embed code.

    1. Open the Page in Canvas

    2. Click on "Edit"

    3.  Click on "HTML Editor"

    4. Paste the embed code into the HTML editor

    5. Click the "Save" button

    6. View the video embedded into your Page.