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Adding the Library to your Canvas Course

Course Reserves During Shelter-in-Place

The library's traditional reserves services will not serve students in remote environments.

To connect students to required readings, find an electronic copy of your book or article by searching in OneSearch. A step-by-step guide on finding and linking library content in your course is available below.

If you cannot find an electronic copy, contact your subject librarian to request the library acquire a electronic copy.

How to add course reserves in Canvas

Add Course Reserves:

  1. Find your course reserve items. Use the library's OneSearch to search for the item.
  2. Find the permalink for the reserve item. A permalink is a permanent URL that will consistently link back to the same page. The URL at the top of your browser screen doesn't always do this.
  3. Add the link to your Canvas site. Use the "+ Add an activity or resource" to add the permalink to the appropriate section of your Canvas site.
  4. Test your link. Open your Canvas page in a new browser or different computer, and click your new link. If it gets you to the same place--great!  If not, look around for the permalink.

Tips in adding course reserves

Adding reserves is one thing, getting students to read is another story!

To make sure students do the required reading before class, consider:

  • Posting the reserves in the week they are required to read. This reminds them what they have to have done on a class-by-class basis.
  • Asking students to answer a key question about the reading or discuss how the reading relates to the class in a discussion forum. That way, you can gauge students' engagement with the required reading.
  • Assigning students to be 'discussion leads' for that week in class. Students will be more apt to read if they have to structure a discussion around the content!

For more tips, Check out an article by David Gooblar, columnist with ChronicleVitae, or ask a librarian for help.