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Art History

Searching for Images and Video

Using library databases to find images will ensure that you are finding high-quality, unaltered versions of images. These databases include images not only of two-dimensional art but also photographs of sculptures, textiles, multimedia and other kinds of three-dimensional materials as well. 

When you are discussing images or videos in your paper, don't forget to cite where you saw the image. These databases will give you information about how to cite the images in them. 

Art Books

Finding art books may also be a good way to find high-quality images. You can search the library catalog for books. Try searching for an artist's name or an art movement. Most of our books are on the third floor of the library, and many art books can be found in our Oversize stacks. 

Search OneSearch

Use this form to search OneSearch. You can choose whether to search keywords, or look for a specific title, author, or subject term. You can also narrow down to the type of item you're looking for.