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A guide to resources for business research

What's in this Guide

This research guide provides assistance in doing research for a variety of business and management topics, with descriptions of databases and books in Sonoma State University Library. The guides' tabs are categorized in 2 ways:

  • Finding types of information

    • News: Learn how to access top stories published in places like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, or North Bay Business Journal.

    • Books: Learn how to search the library's catalog, request books from other libraries, or see new additions to the library's collection. 

    • Articles: Identify key literature indexes and collections in the library and learn how to find the full-text of articles found outside library resources.

    • Data & statistics: See resources in and outside the library for demographic data, public opinion polls, or market research.

  • Conducting types of research

    • Getting Started: The best place to start your research, this page provides the best business reference sources in the library.  

    • Company Research: Learn where to start when researching a company and access the Library's Company Research guide.

    • Industry Research: Learn where to start when researching an industry and access the Library's Industry Research guide.

    • California & the North Bay: Find resources particular to businesses in California & the North Bay area.

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