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Title IX: Virtual Reference Room

This Virtual Reference Room is a guide which provides a broad overview of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and links to resources on related topics.


Image:  06212012 - AD - Title IX Game 352. US Department of Education’s photostream. Available at Flickr.


The Title IX Virtual Reference Room was created to support discussions, curricular activities, and research on Title IX and related topics. You will find the following resources within this guide ... and we'd love to hear from you if you have suggestions.

SSU|CSU Policies specific to Sonoma State University, and the California State University system.

Starter Kit What is Title IX? Why is it important? Under this section, you'll find information and resources to support your initial engagement with the topic.

Timeline Orient youreslf with this chronology of key events in the history of American Civil Rights and Title IX.

Legal Information about and links to resources about the Title IX Act (and related Acts) itself.

Library Resources What's available at or through the SSU Library.

Sites | Orgs Select websites and organizations offering quality information about Title IX and related topics.

Media Gallery Photos, videos, presentations, and other interactive media addressing Title IX and related topics. Great for class, great for your own research products!

Oral Histories Looking for personal stories and reflections on Title IX? Select resources available in this section.

Image: 06212012 - AD - Title IX Game 352. US Department of Education’s photostream Available at Flickr.

On Equity & Education

“The steady movement to a more fair and just society plays out every day in the classrooms, colleges and universities all across America—and I believe that the only way to achieve equity in society is to achieve equity

—U.S Education Secretary Arne Duncan, July 14, 2010