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Native American Studies

The guide for researching Native American topics.

The Library & Native American Studies


On Russian River - Pomo (Library of Congress)

This is just a peek into what the library has to offer your program. Click around, and if you think something is missing, let us know!

Primary Sources: Check here for tips on finding primary sources, as well as databases and websites that might help in your search.

Books & Articles: This section of the guide will help you determine how to earch for books, and which databases will best support your research. 

Media: Looking for images or videos? Try the resources under this tab.

Local Interest: There are some great local institutions that might provide valuable resources for your projects.

Project Tips: Basic information about writing, presentations, and more!

Citations Depending on the documentation style you choose, we have you covered.

       (Photo from the Edward S. Curtis collection: The North American Indian.)

Special thanks to Megan Kinney for creating this research guide!

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