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Company Research

A guide to resources for researching public, private, local, and international companies. Includes sources for annual reports, market analysis, and news stories.

Determining Regulatory Contexts

Each industry is regulated by a complex network of bureaucracies, federal agencies, and state and local laws. To determine your company's regulatory context, browse the list of common federal agencies and departments that businesses register with:

International businesses have different reporting requirements, dependent on the country's government. Data for individual countries may be found by consulting this list of International Statistical Agencies compiled by the US Census Bureau.

Addtionally, the US Securities and Exchange Commission maintains annual listings of International Registered and Reporting Companies, those foreign-owned firms that are required to file periodic reports in the United States.


Regulation & Policy in IBISWorld

Review the "Regulation & Policy" section within the Operating Conditions section of IBISWorld's report related to your company's industry. The reports, updated annually, will provide a list of national regulatory agencies your company should consider.