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A guide to help you get started with Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Quick Start

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Quick Start!

Part of the fun of Wikipedia is you don't have to know a lot to get started. This guide includes links to training resources for students and for instructors. You can spend some time familiarizing yourself with these materials but you can also learn by doing.  If you're ready to dive in follow these steps and you will be a bona fide Wikipedian in no time!






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Create an Account

Should you create an account?

You don't need to be a registered user to edit Wikipedia. Anyone can edit an unprotected page by clicking the "Edit" tab at the top.  If you edit a Wikipedia page while you are not logged in, any edits you make will be attributed to your IP address.

Creating a user account does have some benefits that you should consider.

  • Registered users have a personal user page. You can use this to tell the Wikipedia community a bit about yourself and your interests.
  • As a registered user you will have access to a personal sandbox page where you can practice your editing skills before taking them live.
  • Registered users also have a permanent "Talk" page where you can communicate with other Wikipedians.
  • You must be a registered user to start a new page, rename a page, edit semi-protected pages or to upload images.
  • Registered users can earn awards like Barnstars, Personal User Awards, and Project Awards.
  • You can actually be more anonymous as a registered user. Your IP address (which reveals your physical location) is not shown when you are logged in with your user name and password.