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Industry Research

Top resources for researching a particular industry.

Getting Started: Industry Classification Codes

When finding resources on a specific industry, you'll probably have to use the industry's NAICS code, because many databases and industry research resources are organized by such.  The NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System) is a 6-digit code created by the U.S. Federal Government to classify manufacturing and service industries.

The previous classification system was the SIC (Standard Industrial Classification). The SIC code is a 4-digit code.

Below you will find links to locate the NAICS code for your industry and to see the cross-listing with an SIC code.

When researching an industry with industry codes, it is important to think about how major players in that industry might be classified by the Federal Governemnt. For example, UBER, a popular ride sharing application, is disrupting the Taxi and Limousine Service Industry, (NAICS code 4853). However, the company's financials are categorized in the Prepackaged Software Industry (NACIS code 5112). 

Once you have determined your NAICS code, you can use the code to look up industry reports for trends, performance, market share, forecasts, and key statistics in your chosen industry.

Best Bets for Industry Research