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Chicana/o and Latina/o Literature


This guide will help you find information to support your research and learning in Chicana/o and Latinx Literature. The library has tons of resources, including books, journals, media, and more. Check out the tabs on the left to find more. 

Background Information is the kind of information that will give context to your literary analysis. This includes historical and cultural information relevant to the novel, information about authors or literary movements, or information about important people, places, or events. When you're looking for this kind of factual information, sources like encyclopedias and newspapers can be helpful, as well as books. 

Criticism is the term used to refer to articles and books that other scholars have written about the author, text, literary movement or period, or topic that you're researching. It's useful to read what others have said about your topic in order to better inform your own argument and analysis. 

Primary sources are documents like letters, photographs, government documents, newspaper articles, diaries, and manuscripts. The text you're analyzing is also considered a primary source. Primary sources, like background information, can help give context to your analysis, and inform your thinking about the text or author you're studying. 

This guide will also give you information about putting together an annotated bibliography and correctly citing your sources in your paper.