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Chicana/o and Latina/o Literature


This guide will help you find information to support your research and learning in Chicanx and Latinx Literature. The library has tons of resources, including books, journals, media, and more. 

Studying and writing about literature can take many forms. It's important to pay close attention to your assignment and what your instructor is asking you to do. You may be asked to compare and contrast two different pieces, or to talk about the author and how their identity and/or experiences impacted their writing. You may be asked to talk about the historical and cultural context of a piece or pieces of literature, or how the piece reflects some aspect of the time in which it was written. 

The most important source you can use when you are writing about literature is the work itself. But you may need other information to provide context and further information. You will probably also want to know how other scholars have written about an author, a piece of literature, or a literary movement. Understanding the scholarly conversation about a piece of literature can be very important. 

The tabs on the left can help you understand what kind of information you might need and help you to find it. 


OneSearch is a great place to get started when you are researching a new topic. OneSearch is the library's main search engine and can help you find and access books, media, articles, newspapers, primary sources, and more. OneSearch contains information from every discipline, so you may need to be very thoughtful about how you search. 

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Do a basic keyword search in OneSearch to find books, articles, media, and more.

This video can give you some pointers on using OneSearch effectively.