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COMS 200: Principles of Media Communication

Resources to support students studying new media.

What kinds of resources do you need?

For your project, you need to find information about a few different kinds of things. 

  • Information on the form of media you're studying. If you're learning about podcasts, you want to find information that will help you understand where podcasting originated, and how it's similar to and different from traditional media forms. 
  • A source from a different type of media that is covering the same topic your chosen media piece is covering. For example, if you're watching a YouTube video on fracking, you'll also want to find coverage of fracking from a source like a newspaper, magazine, radio show, news broadcast, or documentary. 

You can find both of these things in the library, but you will probably also want to search the internet. When you're learning about new forms of media, you may find that there isn't a lot of scholarly research on these media forms yet. 


OneSearch searches across the CSU to find books, articles, media, datasets, newspaper articles, and more. 

Search OneSearch

Do a basic keyword search in OneSearch to find books, articles, media, and more.

Some tricks you may want to use to find good sources for information about your chosen form of media: 

Try combining keywords, using both the new form of media and older forms that are related. For example: 

* radio AND podcasts

* television AND YouTube

* "movie theatres" AND Netflix


OneSearch contains information about almost all of the resource you have access to from library. But sometimes it's hard to dig through all of the search results, because they aren't subject focused. You may want to turn to a subject specific database for more focused searching. 

These databases include articles from journals, trade publications, magazines, and newspapers that are specific to Communications. 

You may also want to find newspaper coverage of your topic. We have access to lots of newspapers online. 


You have access to hundreds of streaming videos that cover media-related topics. Search a few of these sources to find videos that may cover your topic.