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Film Studies

Resources for research in film studies

Welcome to the Film Studies research guide

In this research guide, you'll find guidance about the research process, as well as links to key resources in film studies. We'll look at 

  • How to use background information to lay the foundation for your research
  • How to search for books and articles to give you a deeper understanding
  • How to formulate a research question
  • How to cite your sources in your writing
  • Tips for writing papers and giving great presentations

What is research?

If you've been asked to write a research paper, you may be unsure about what, exactly, it is that you're supposed to do. What is a research paper? 

When you write a research paper, you're attempting to answer some question related to the topic you've chosen. Your answer needs to be informed by the scholarly conversation about that topic: What have other researchers and scholars learned about this topic? Your job is to learn what experts are saying, and use what you learn to inform your own answer.