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American Multicultural Studies

Getting Started

American Multicultural Studies is a rich field of study that encompasses history, sociology, the arts, literature, political science, and more. The interdisciplinary nature of the fields can make finding sources to inform your research can be a little tricky. This guide will show you some of the best places to search for information relevant to your research and give you tips on the research process. 

The University Library gives you access to many different resources relevant to almost any topic of study in AMCS, and what we don't have, we can easily get for you. The different sections of this guide focus on different types of resources you may want to use, as well as on the different stages of a research project.

The librarians at SSU are happy to work with you on any research project you undertake. You can make an appointment with your subject librarian, or drop by the Information/Checkout Desk whenever the library is open. 

What is research?

Because AMCS is such a broad field, the type of research you undertake could vary considerably depending on your research question. You might be looking at historical documents, analyzing literature or art, or interviewing people in a community. Understanding what research methods are appropriate for your particular question is key. Talk with your instructor or a librarian to figure out what kind of information and evidence you will need to answer your research question. 

Whatever research methods you choose, you'll be engaging in a scholarly conversation with other people who are also interested in your topic. Whatever your topic is, there are probably other people out there who are interested in the same issues. The first step in any research project is understanding what that scholarly conversation is all about. 


The next pages in this guide will help familiar with the conversation in your field.