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Guide to SSU Nursing Research Resources

Library Article Databases for Nursing Research

These resources are the First Stop for nursing research articles:

The databases below might also be useful, depending on the specific topics you are interested in. 


Search OneSearch

Use this form to search OneSearch. You can choose whether to search keywords, or look for a specific title, author, or subject term. You can also narrow down to the type of item you're looking for.

Online Medical Journals

The library has access to thousands of online journals that you access though our research databases. You can also access journals directly if you use the library's links--don't go directly to the publishers' websites. These are direct links to a few key medical journals:

How do I get articles from Google Scholar?

Google Scholar screenshot showing the location of the Settings link

Do you use Google Scholar? Make it more effective by linking it to the Library and gaining access to our subscriptions. 

Go to Google Scholar. Click on Settings, then Library Links in the left-hand column. Type in "Sonoma State University," check the box next to Sonoma State University, and save. Your search results will now include a Find It@SSU link. Click on Find It for full-text articles available from the SSU Library.

Database Tutorials