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GEP 336: U.S. Environmental Law

Researching Federal and California environmental laws & regulations

California Codes

California Codes contain state law (statutes) in 29 separate series, each covering a general topic (e.g. -  Education, Insurance, etc.), and organized by divisions, chapters, and articles, with corresponding section numbers.

Example of a California Code Citation:

  • Cal. Health & Saf Code § 114650

(Section 114650 of the California Health and Safety Code)

NOTE: Some legal citations use the full name of the code, others use abbreviations.

U.S. Codes

The United States Code (U.S.C.) is the official compilation of most general and permanent public laws of the United States that are currently in effect, organized by subject matter into 50 titles.

Citation Example of a Federal Code:

  • 16 USC 707

(Section 707 of title 16 of the United States Code)