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MUS 351: History of Western Music: Classic to the 20th Century

A guide for students in MUS 351

Getting Started

Your professor has presented you with some questions to answer. Your job is to think deeply about these questions and use different types of information and resources to not simply answer the questions, but to form a single, guiding idea related to these questions, a thesis. As you read and listen, think about the questions your professor has posed. Take notes about what you discover and look for the common threads in what you're thinking about and reading. Use your reading and your analysis of the pieces to support your idea. 

The research process can be daunting, complicated, and difficult. I'm here to offer a helping hand and guide you as you read, listen, and think about your question on your way to a cohesive and well-supported thesis. There are some great resources in the library if you want to go more in-depth than what I can provide in this guide and in our session. I would especially recommend Music Research: A Handbook, linked below.