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ENGL 100/101: First-Year Composition

Evaulating types of information

Being a successful researcher means evaluating, using, and synthesizing different types of sources to create your scholarship. This activity is intended to help you practice your evaluative skills so that you can be a successful and thoughtful information consumer and producer.


In this activity, you will, with your group, analyze information based on specific characteristics. In order to successfully complete the task:

  1. Assign each group to read and analyze one artifact (done by instructor).
  2. After 10-15 minutes of reading and analyzing the artifact, prepare to summarize your artifact to the class. Answer the questions:
    1. What is the general thesis of the artifact? Can you summarize the main points?
    2. What is the purpose of the information? Is it to inform, persuade, or something else?
    3. Who is the author? What gives them the authority to write about the topic?
    4. Check the references. Do they point to credible sources?
  3. Each group will share their artifact and their evaluative findings.
  4. As a class, determine which artifacts would be best suited for an information situation. Which one would you use if:
    1. You were trying to convince your mom that you needed to eat more chocolate to stay healthy
    2. You are interested in completing a research paper about chocolate, but are not sure where to start
    3. You are writing an in-depth research paper about the chocolate industry
    4. You just want to know if chocolate is healthy for you

Is Chocolate Healthy?