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THAR 125: Introduction to Acting

Why read reviews?

Reviews of various theatrical productions can give great insight into how the performance was critically received at the time of its production. Comparing reviews from different productions of the same piece can give tell you how different audiences reacted to a piece over time or in different locations, and can also tell you a lot about what choices made by the producers and creators worked and which didn't. 

Finding reviews can be a little tricky. Learning to use search limiters is one of the best ways to find reviews. 

International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance

The International Bibliography of Theatre and Dance is an index and database of articles from over 450 different publications focused on theatre and dance. These publications include newspapers, magazines, trade publications, books, and scholarly journals. There are over 60,000 articles indexed, and many of them are available in full text. 

Searching a tool like this can be daunting, but there is a simple trick to limit your search to find reviews only. 

Once you've searched for the play, playwright, or other creator, look for the "Source Types" section in the left-hand navigation menu. Click "Reviews" to limit your search to reviews only.