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SCI 220: Dream, Make, Innovate

Resources for group projects in Science 220

The Design Process

Infographic of the design processThe design process consists of defining a problem we have identified, exploring different alternatives for solving it, and choosing a plan to follow.

This process is repeated until we find the best solution.

But before we can solve a problem, we have to find & define a problem. This is the first step in the design process.

Defining a Problem

Defining a problem allows you to better describe its nature precisely, which allows gives you a higher chance in solving it.

To fully define a problem, ask yourself the six ws: who, what, where, when, why, and how. Use your interpretation of the problem to better understand how you might develop a solution.

*Figure 5-1 from Aliverti, Maietta, and Di Justo (2015), The Maker's Manual: A Pracitical Guide to the New Industrial Revolution.

Resources for Defining the Problem

Start here:

To gather background information about your topic

Talk to your client! What information do they have about the problem?

Consider adding:

  • Quotes from conversations with your client. 
  • Information from your client's website. 
  • Information from resources they recommend.