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SCI 220: Dream, Make, Innovate

Resources for group projects in Science 220

Elevator pitches

6 tips for putting together the best elevator pitch from CNBC.

An elevator pitch is a succinct (usually lasting between 30 seconds and 2 minutes) description of a product, company, idea, or even a person in a persuasive way. Your product pitches for SCI 220 will include 3 elements: 

  • Defining your problem
  • Presenting a solution
  • Providing some details on your solution, such as project budget, group expertise, etc.

Here are two examples of elevator pitches for different products:

Defining Your Problem

Start here:

To gather background information about your topic

Talk to your client! What information do they have about the problem?

Consider adding:

  • Quotes from conversations with your client. 
  • Information from your client's website. 
  • Information from resources they recommend.

Finding a Solution

Looking at Patents

To see what other similar products have already been created

Business Resources

Environmental Studies Research

Materials Science, Physics, and Electronics