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Search for Articles by Topic

Most psychology research is publishing in article form in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals. The library subscribes to most journals in electronic format. 

The best way to search for articles is using online databases and indexes. Many databases are subject specific, so you are searching only the most reliable, valid scholarly research in your field. 

The following databases and indexes are best for research in psychology. 

How do I get articles from Google Scholar?

Google Scholar screenshot showing the location of the Settings link

Do you use Google Scholar? Make it more effective by linking it to the Library and gaining access to our subscriptions. 

Go to Google Scholar. Click on Settings, then Library Links in the left-hand column. Type in "Sonoma State University," check the box next to Sonoma State University, and save. Your search results will now include a Find It@SSU link. Click on Find It for full-text articles available from the SSU Library.