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WGS 325 - Youth: Gender Perspectives

Doing archival research on the Los Guilucos School for Girls riots of 1953.

Talk to People

Don't forget to talk with people!

  • If names or organizations come up in news accounts, look to see if that organization has records, or if those people are still alive and might be willing to talk with you.
  • At the archives you go to let the librarians know what you are working on. They might know of other resources that could be useful.

Other Resources

Sonoma County Library:

Los Guilucos School for girls. Santa Rosa, Calif. : Citizens Advisory Committee, 1969?

History of Los Guilucos, Sonoma County, Calif. Collection of documents and clippings on the history of Los Guilucos and the Hood Mansion near Glen Ellen, Calif. (copy also available in SSU's Gaye LeBaron Collection).

Check also the Sonoma County History Room

Google Book Search:

Yields several items of interest, including:

Smith, Robert L. Quest: The California Youth Authority's Golden Years. Bloomington, IN: AuthorHouse, 2012.


ProQuest's Dissertations and Theses

This database has several dissertations on the California Youth Authority during the 1950s which include mention of Los Guilucos.


Other Research Possibilities:

Discourse, Vol. 15, No. 1, Essays in Lesbian and Gay Studies (Fall 1992), pp. 49-68

Share Your Research

Once you've done the research, share it!