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ENGL 100/101: First-Year Composition

Foundations and Explorations Collection

Created by librarians for first-year students, Foundations and Explorations is a condensed collection of the books available at SSU Library. It covers a range of scholarship across disciplines and is meant to inspire students to explore topics outside of their comfort zones. Its small size makes it easy to browse for ideas and inspiration.


The Foundations and Explorations collection is located on the second floor of the Schulz Information Center, between Library Instruction rooms 2015 and 2016A and the Makerspace.


Search Foundations and Explorations

Go to the SSU Library homepage and click on Advanced Search (below the "Search" button).

From the drop-down menu, select Search within: Foundations and Explorations Collection

Here is a sample search for gender roles. Note that only books from Foundations and Explorations appear in the search results.