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American Multicultural Studies

Finding and Using Books

Books are a rich source of information for any research project in AMCS. Many students shy away from using books because they don't have time to read an entire book before their assignments are due. Even if you're pressed for time, books are invaluable sources of information, and you don't always have to read the entire book for it to be useful. Sometimes a single chapter is all that you need. 

Media sources are increasingly useful for research, as well. Documentaries, televisions episodes, films, newscasts, and audio recordings can contain incredible primary and secondary source material for your research. The library provides access to tons of media resources in both DVD and streaming video format. We even have materials in VHS and audiocassette, which you can watch or listen to in our media rooms. 


OneSearch searches across the library's many resources, bringing together articles, books, journals, media, datasets, and more. This is a great place to start your research. 

Subject Encyclopedias & Dictionaries

These encylopedias and dictionaries are great for overviews and background information.  The content of these books can be accessed and read online. Search many titles at once or each individually.