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ARTH 160: Art Here, There, Then, Now

What's in the Guide

pathWelcome to the ARTH 160 guide!

Conducting art history research can take many paths. A few hints before you begin:

  1. What is your instructor asking you to do -- analysis of art work(s), artist, movement, combination?
  2. Develop multiple strategies around:
    1. Schools/Movements
    2. Formats
    3. Artists
    4. Dates 
  3. What kinds of sources are required and what is off limits? Do you need images?

You want to use library resources for art history papers because:

  1. People who are writing about art history tend to publish in books, encyclopedias, scholarly journals -- most which aren't available for free on the web.
  2. Using library resources is fun and easy -- try it!
  3. Images from the web may have been altered or be of poor quality or unknown origin.
  4. Articles in encyclopedias can provide good basic information, the most accepted thought on a subject, and lists of bibliographies.
  5. Articles in scholarly journals have been edited and vetted by peers in the field.