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UNIV 150: Freshman Year Experience

Identity and Global Challenges

Searching is a Strategic Exploration

The act of searching often begins with a question. As you start to look for information to help you answer your question, you will find that employing different strategies or methodologies will help you find a wide variety of information. This page has been split into three skills that can help you effectively search for a wide variety of information types.

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1. Identify Keywords: a keyword express a central concept of idea about a topic. Identifying keywords can help you to understand the core ideas of your research question and find sources in library databases.

2. Searching in Databases: There are a number of ways to combine your search terms and phrases to find the information you need. Visit this page to learn more about how to effectively search in library databases to find what you need.

3. Library resources: The library has many different places to look for information on your topic. Use this page to understand how to find books, ebooks, articles, or other types of information.