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SYRCE 2019-20: The Seventies!

A guide to research for students taking the School of Arts & Humanities Second Year Research and Creative Experience (SYRCE) course.

Search Tips

When you are searching for items in a decade: You can connect any keywords in a search with the terms "seventies" or “1970s” to find items about a specific topic during the 1970s. Check out the two separate sample searches below:

  • punk rock AND 1970s (finds materials related to the punk rock movement in the 1970s) or...
  • seventies fashion (finds materials about fashion in the 1970s)

Try both terms in different searches (1970s and seventies) because you never know how an item will describe the decade. Searching for alternate terms would also be useful. For example, when searching for African American, try keywords like Black, Afro-American, or Negro (as a historically used term) or for Fashion, try keywords like Style or Clothing


Books are excellent sources for in-depth coverage, the history and chronology, or overview of a topic. They can also provide you background information and recommendations for further research. A book doesn't need to be read cover-to-cover to be used for research. To learn more about how to use books for research, visit the Cayuga Community College Library guide Using Books for Research.


Search for books


Search the Library's catalog, OneSearch, for physical and electronic books on your topic. You can also use OneSearch to find and request books from any CSU library. Learn more about how to find and request books on the library's website.

Screenshot of OneSearch

Having trouble finding something? Try these librarian-recommended books: 


Articles are great because they can include reports and/or reviews of current research and topic-specific information. Use articles when you need original research on a topic; articles and essays written by scholars or subject experts; factual documented information to reinforce a position; or references lists that point you to other relevant research.

Search for articles

Search the Library's catalog, OneSearch, for articles on your topic. You can also use the databases below for more advanced article searching.

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