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SYRCE 2021-22: The Twenties!

A guide to research for students taking the School of Arts & Humanities Second Year Research and Creative Experience (SYRCE) course.

What's In The Guide

SYRCE Symposium Poster Fall 18This guide is for students in the 2020-21 Second Year Research and Creative Experience (SYRCE) Program. Visit the tabs on the left to find resources inside and outside the library for your research project. While there are many section-specific resources included in this guide, we hope that you will explore resources outside of your subject areas as well, taking a "big picture" look at the 1920s.

Getting Started: Find background information to help you develop a topic and learn more about the seventies.

Books and Articles: Find secondary information such as books and articles to help you refine topic and strengthen your thesis.

Images: Find images for your research, including images of art, sculpture, fashion, and historical photographs.

Music and Video: Explore music and video from and about the seventies.

Primary Sources: Find eyewitness sources from the 1920s. Use these resources from SSU and other collections to guide the development of your own authentic creative voice.

Citing Sources: Create accurate citations for your project so that you give credit to sources and so that your audience can go back and find them.

The Research Process