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SYRCE 2017/2018

Find resources - from background material to primary sources - for research and scholarship related to the 1930s.

SYRCE Symposium

Come to the Spring 2018 SYRCE Symposium on Tuesday, May 15, from 11am - 1pm in Weill Hall (Green Music Center) to see students' creative pieces based on research about the 1930s!

What's In The Guide

This guide is focused on the 2017-2018 Second Year Research and Creative Experience (SYRCE). Visit the tabs on the left to find resources that will enhance your SYRCE work. While there are many seminar-specific resources included in this guide, we hope that you will explore resources outside of your subject areas as well, taking a "big picture" look at the 1930s. Examine a variety of primary sources (such as photos, historical newspaper articles, letters and diaries) to gather a variety of first-hand perspectives. Browse magazines, including ads, from the 1930s to see a glimpse of the day-to-day context behind and around people's lives, specific historical events or political regimes.

Research & Resources: This page guides discovery of books, media, articles and other resources to inform your research.

Primary Sources & Special Collections: Find eyewitness sources from the 1930s and works created during that decade. Use these resources from SSU and other collections which are available online to spark your own engagement and guide the development of your own authentic creative voice.

MLA Citation Style: Learn how to create accurate citations for your project.

Sections/Classes: Visit this page for specific SYRCE class/seminar information.

Just For Fun

Visit Radiooooo and choose the decade of 1930s - Then click on any country to listen to songs from that time and place...

Voila! You now have access to your new SYRCE soundtrack using what the New Yorker calls a "Hit Tune Time Machine."

"Breaking News of the 1930s" (PBS American Experience)