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SYRCE 2019-20: The Seventies!

A guide to research for students taking the School of Arts & Humanities Second Year Research and Creative Experience (SYRCE) course.

Search Tips

When you are searching for items in a decade: You can connect any keywords in a search with the terms "seventies" or “1970s” to find items about a specific topic during the 1970s. Check out the two separate sample searches below:

  • punk rock AND 1970s (finds materials related to the punk rock movement in the 1970s) or...
  • seventies fashion (finds materials about fashion in the 1970s)

Try both terms in different searches (1970s and seventies) because you never know how an item will describe the decade. Searching for alternate terms would also be useful. For example, when searching for African American, try keywords like Black, Afro-American, or Negro (as a historically used term) or for Fashion, try keywords like Style or Clothing


The library has many ways you can listen and explore music from the seventies with CDs, vinyl, as well as musical scores and streaming songs. Listening to music from a decade can transport you back to that era while providing a snapshot of social, cultural, or philosophical trends from a decade.

Selections from the Library's record collection:

Search for music in the library or on the web:


The library has a variety of videos you can use for your research, from documentary DVDs and feature films to digital news reports and summaries of the decade. Videos can give you images from the decade, interviews and profiles of key figures, or a fictional representation of social and cultural trends.

Explore DVDs in the Library's Collection:

Search for videos online: