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SCI 120: A Watershed Year

Course guide for SCI 120

How to Evaluate Scientific Information

Analyze the headline.

Articles usually sensationalize headlines to entice you to click! So ask yourself- does it sound too good to be true? If you answer yes, the article probably is. Play a fun game to test your analysis skills: 

Do some fact-checking.

Library reference materials are great at providing background information on a number of subjects. Before you believe everything you hear, do a little research yourself. Some recommended places to take a look are:

Evaluate the data & results

Many times, exploratory studies can have small, unrepresentative samples or present correlative results rather than causative results. Use your scientific knowledge to make sure that the study you are reading is accurate! Fun examples of data manipulation are:  

A Rough Guide to Spotting Bad Science

A rough guide to spotting bad science