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Moodle: Integrating Library Resources

To spark ideas, provide examples, and actual lessons faculty can use.





  • The Moodle Information Literacy Project

    Apples by Sheila Webber

    The Moodle Information Literacy Project is an experimental course shell where we provide portable, 3-hour modules of information literacy instruction. The goal of this project is to create a space for faculty to quickly obtain short lessons that meet General Education student learning outcomes (SLOs) in the areas of information literacy and critical thinking. Each lesson includes approximately one hour of in-class activity and two hours of asynchronous or take-home material for students.

    Questions/Comments: Felicia Kalker (4-2951) or

  • 10+ Ways to Embed Library Resources

    SSU Library
    There are lots of cool ways to utilize library information resources within your own Moodle courses. Many of these same techniques work even if you don't use Moodle!

    Examples include step-by-step instructions for embedding the resource within your course web page.

    Questions/Comments: Paula Hammett (4-3912) or


  • Examples include (but not limited to):
  • How to embed a library database search box
  • Link to course reserves (or bypass them altogether and link directly to E-books or E-journals)
  • Link to authoritative encyclopedia articles or research guides
  • Add journal tables of contents that are updated automatically with each new issue
  • Embed streaming audio or video clips from some of the Library's streaming media collections
  • Create a glossary (better, yet have the students create it) and then have a random entry displayed on your Moodle page
  • Highlight some of the wonderful primary source materials available through the library's digital collections
  • and more...
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