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LIBS 202: Challenge and Response in the Modern World

A guide for students enrolled in LIBS 202

Your assignment

You are being asked to investigate a topic related to global social challenges and issues. You need to be able to give a brief overview of the topic, explaining what the challenge is, what a person needs to know in order to understand this challenge, and why it's important. You need to find out what initiatives and actions have been taken in California related to this challenge, and you need to present some possible actions that might make a difference in this area.

What do you need to know?

The kind of information you need to answer your question will help you determine what kind of information to look for. Valuable information comes in all different forms and places. This video tells you how the process used to create information impacts and reflects the format in which the information is published. 

For your assignment, you will need information in a variety of different kinds of forms. 

  • To get an overview of your topic, you will want to look for reference sources like encyclopedias and to scholarly monographs (which is a fancy word for a scholarly book). 
  • To find out about California initiatives, you will want to look to news sources, organizations, and information from the legislature. 
  • To present some possible actions, you may want to review some scholarly articles, but resources from relevant organizations will also be helpful. In this part of your presentation, you will also need to synthesize what you've learned about your topic to present new information.