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Choosing a Grad School

This guide includes some resources that can assist you with making decisions about applying to grad school programs.

Upcoming Campus Events

The California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education allows students to explore graduate school opportunities and resources by participating in numerous workshops focused on admissions and keys to success in graduate school.  In addition, the forum includes a recruitment fair featuring representatives from graduate degree-granting universities and individual graduate programs. 

This year's forum will be held at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, and bus transportation will be provided from SSU to the event.  Lunch is also provided at this all day event.   To register, click here.  For more information about the forum, including detailed registration and transportation information, please contact Mariana G. Martinez or Carolyn A. Smith at


Resources for Exploring Grad School

Daniel Smith of the SSU McNair Scholars Program advises prospective applicants to do the following before applying to a graduate school program:

1. Get research experience

2. Interact with at least two professors in your major outside of class

3. Look for internship/volunteer experiences related to your long term interests

4. Set up a regular study schedule for the GRE several months in advance

5. In order to determine your fit in a graduate program, read faculty profiles and bios, and look for specific matches in the description of the program. [See more on determining your fit here.]