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GER 314: Literature of the German-Speaking World

Getting Started

Writing about literature is different from a lot of other scholarly writing. When we write about literature, we are presenting our ideas about the meanings, themes, significance, or impact of a particular piece or pieces of literature. Our ideas are supported by analysis of the text, additional contextual information, and theories about literature and literary work. It can be difficult for people new to writing about literature to know what kinds of outside information is useful for informing ideas and analysis. This guide is intended to help you come up with a topic, learn about the practice of literary analysis, and find supporting research in the library. 

As the librarian for the School of Arts & Humanities, I'm here to offer guidance, help you find useful sources, and be a sounding board for your thoughts and ideas about your texts. Please don't hesitate to email or call me to talk about your assignment. 

Why use Library resources?

The internet is full of information about authors, books, literary movements, and writing. Why would you need to use library resources when all of that information is available outside of the library? 

While there is a lot of information available online, there is even more that isn't freely available and can only be accessed through libraries. Here are some of the things the library has that you can't find anywhere else: 

  • Resources created by scholars and experts in literature and literary analysis, and vetted by other experts in the field
  • Resources you know you can trust, because you know exactly who created them
  • Resources your professor will approve!

Evaluating Sources