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GEP 335: Environmental Policy

What's in the Guide

Sears Point Salt Marsh Restoration

Environmental Policy Research Guide

The purpose of this research guide is to assist you in conducting research specifically for pollution related information from journal articles, newspapers, books, data, and websites. The research guide has been prepared specifically to support GEP 335: US Environmental Policy, but can be used for general environmental research.

The links in the left column will help you navigate through this site:

Books and Films:  Search for books, ebooks, and films. 

Scholarly Articles:  Where to find peer-reviewed journal articles

Regional Info: Photos and info about the local region.

Maps: So many cool current and historical maps!

Data Sources: Amazing array of statistics on environmental and planning topics.

More Data Sources: More statistics on environmental and planning topics.

Grey Literature: In addition to government documents, materials produced by organizations outside of the traditional commercial or academic publishing channels, including reports, working papers, and white papers. 

Citation Styles: How to document what you find.

Plagiarism: Some good tips on what constitutes plagiarism and what your responsibilities are as a researcher.

Presentations: Tools and tips for presentations with pizzazz.