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This guide offers resources to support first generation college student success.



Your group will click on ONE of the following links (sources) to evaluate, related to the topic of race and ethnicity in sci-fi, fantasy and horror films. Skim through your source for a few minutes.

Then, answer the questions below this list amongst yourselves - We'll check back in as a group when you're done!

Questions about your source:

  1. Where was this piece published (magazine, website, journal, newspaper, etc.)?
  2. What do you know about the creators of the piece you read?
  3. Where did the information provided come from (their sources)?
  4. What kind of content is this? Is it... Detailed analysis? Interview? Broad overview?
  5. What kind of perspective does this source provide? Is it... Personal? Academic/scholarly? Opinion-based?
  6. What new words or ideas might you learn about from this source?