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Title IX: Virtual Reference Room

This Virtual Reference Room is a guide which provides a broad overview of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and links to resources on related topics.

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Sports and Equal Opportunity: Title IX and Gender Equity (New York, NY: Insight Media, 1999)

 1 videocassette (VHS) (30 min.)

Examines a range of perspectives on questions of gender equity in athletics and the fairness of Title IX. Considers the differences in sports opportunities for men and women in high school and college. Features the commentary of athletes, coaches, sports writers, and sports program directors including Donna Lopiano, Michael C. Copperthite, Bob Groseth, and Alexander Wolff.

DVD Central: LC213 Sports


On the Basis of Sex: The Fight for Title IX  (Bristol, CT: ESPN, c2002)

 1 videocassette (VHS) (ca. 51 min.)

Traces the development, history, evolution and controversy of Title IX, a law that is still actively debated 30 years after it was signed. The program reflects on the   factors that contributed to the development of Title IX , the social change that it caused, the political ramifications and changing levels of support, the issues, and more. A variety of people from different backgrounds were interviewed for the program, including athletes, coaches, sports administrators, politicians and journalists. 

Please ask at Info/Checkout for Media Items:  VHS 6000


Playing Unfair: The Media Image of the Female Athlete   (Northampton, MA : Media Education Foundation, c2002)

 1 videocassette (VHS) (30 min.)

It has been 30 years since Title IX legislation granted women equal playing time, but the male-dominated world of sports journalism has yet to catch up with the law. Coverage of women's sport lags far behind men's, and focuses on female athletes femininity and sexuality over their achievements on the court and field.

Please ask at Info/Checkout for Media Items:  VHS 4981

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