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Selected References for the Geology of Death Valley National Park and Surrounding Region

Compiled by Philadelphia J. Morrow and Michael N. Machette, U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO

 ancient seabed

[photo: NPS]

Types of USGS Publications

USGS Open-File Reports

Open-File Reports are used for the dissemination of information that must be released immediately to fill a public need or information that is not sufficiently refined to warrant publication in one of the other USGS series.

Open-File Reports should not be used as final reports of major scientific investigations. Because of their preliminary nature and chance of being superseded, Open-File Reports are not the appropriate series to introduce new or revised geologic, stratigraphic, hydrologic, or taxonomic nomenclature. Examples of appropriate material for release as an Open-File Report include maps and reports that need to be released as supporting documentation because they are referenced, discussed, or interpreted in another information product; preliminary data, maps, and reports; interim computer programs and user guides; and bibliographies. [definition from:]

USGS Professional Papers

Reports in this series are aimed at a core professional and non-core professional audience. The Professional Paper series is the premier series of the USGS and includes comprehensive reports of wide and lasting interest and scientific or technical importance. The reports are characterized by thoroughness of study and breadth of scope and/or geographic coverage. The series also may include collections of related papers addressing different aspects of a single scientific topic, either issued together under one cover or separately as chapters. [definition from:]

USGS Bulletin

This series is comprised of significant data and interpretations of lasting scientific interest but generally narrower in scope than Professional Papers. Includes collections of related papers addressing different aspects of a single scientific topic, either issued as individual chapters or as a single volume; proceedings and abstracts for USGS-sponsored meetings; some field trip guidebooks and road logs; and general manuals. [definition from:]

Other types of USGS publications

U.S. Geological Survey Publications for the Western United States lists other types of USGS publications and their target audiences. []

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geoglic map

[source: USGS Geologic Map of Death Valley]