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MUS 201: Music in Action

Tips for Morrow's Music 201 class

Which database?

Databases are specialized search engines that search for articles, reports, reviews, and other types of things that are published in journals, newspapers, and magazines. Searching a database instead of OneSearch might be a better option because databases are subject-specific. 

Here are some databases that might be useful for your research. 

Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • communicate with others in same field - not general public
  • written by scholars (for the most part)
  • edited by peers not paid staff (peers are experts in a field)
  • journals appear quarterly, annually, or even lessoften
  • no glossy ads, layouts, images (for the most part)
  • many databases let you limit your search to peer-reviewed
  • do a quick search in Goggle to find home page of journal to get some info
  • when in doubt ask instructor or librarian