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LIBS 302 Intro to Liberal Studies

This guide will help you define your research topic and identify resources

Practice, Practice, Practice!

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The Library has a Student Presentation Room, Room 2014B located on the 2nd floor, where SSU students can practice their in-class presentations.

The room seats 12, has a 32" LCD TV display, large conference table, and whiteboard, with a Mac Mini computer workstation with keyboard and mouse. Microsoft Powerpoint, Word, and Excel.

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5 Things Every Presenter Needs to Know About People

Presentation Tips

  • Cite sources, including all research, images, videos, statistics, quotes, tables, etc. 
  • Include links when possible to cited online research sources, images, and video
  • Use an introduction and conclusion slide
  • Strike a balance between the use of text and media
  • Include a final slide with contact information

For more ideas: 

Presentation Web Tools

Break away from your PowerPoint comfort zone! Add a little pizzazz to your presentations. These free web tools offer some alternatives to explroe creativity, group work and sharing, and better file management. 

Effective Poster Sessions