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Wine Business

A guide to performing research related to wine and the wine industry.

Search in a Database

The library subscribes to databases that provide full-text access to peer-reviewed articles, dissertations, working papers, reports, and key newspapers. Browse the recommended databases in the list below to find articles related to your topic. 

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Browse Scholarly Journals

Sometimes, library databases can be too broad. In these instances, it can be helpful to browse top journals in your field. Reading  journals can help you to stay informed on the most recent research in wine and wine business.

Finding the Full Text

Did you find the perfect article outside the library, and now you're trying to find it through the library's resources? Try these methods:

  1. Search for the title of the journal or the ISSN in the Library's Journal Search
    This will indicate whether the Library has access to a journal online and which years are available.
  2. Search for the title of the journal in the Library Catalog
    This will show print and some electronic holdings.
  3. Use the Find it Iconicon in a library database.
    Many of our databases contain only citations and the Find It button can link you to the full text in another source or help you locate the print when an article is not available online. It also links to our Interlibrary Loan service, which will borrow copies of articles that the library does not have access to.


Still running into trouble? Let me know!